Which Is The Best Audiobook Subscription?

Whether starting your day on a walk or unwinding before bed, audiobook subscriptions ensure great stories are always within reach. Beyond just entertainment, the right human voices bring characters to life in a way that feels comforting and familiar. Selecting the right audiobook subscription means finding narrators who feel like friends, keeping us company on our journey through each tale.

  • Audible – The largest audiobook subscription service with over 200,000 titles. Get 1 credit per month to redeem any title. Large catalog but can feel corporate.
  • Scribd – All-you-can read and listen service for ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and documents. Large selection but audio quality is inconsistent. Best for casual listeners.
  • Libro.fm – Supports local bookstores by giving them a cut of your subscription. Curated selections edited by book experts. Smaller catalog than Audible but feels more personal.
  • Barking and Books – For dog owners, this service donates to dog charities with each subscription. Curated selections that can be listened to during dog walks. Community feel through social features.
  • Serial Box – For sci-fi and fantasy fans, this service produces original written and audio works released in episodes. Immersive storytelling experience that feels cutting edge. Niche focus.
  • Hoopla – Available through public libraries, Hoopla allows library card holders to “borrow” digital titles including audiobooks. Restricted inventory depends on library’s digital collection. Best for casual listeners on a budget.
  • Human touch considerations for audiobook subscriptions

While a huge catalog can be attractive, many listeners prefer the intimacy of a smaller, handpicked selection. Curation by experts who know your tastes feels more personal than an algorithm.

Community features like recommendations, reviews and discussion boards foster human connections that the biggest services lack. Following favorite narrators across different titles also builds relationships.

Causes that support local businesses, charities or creativity through original content tap into listeners’ desire to feel part of something bigger. Subscriptions that give back feel more meaningful.


Whether you want a massive selection or a niche focus, there’s an audiobook subscription to suit every listening style and budget. But human touches like curation, community, and causes that give back can make even the most extensive services feel more personal. The right subscription brings books to life through stories and shared experiences.

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