Top 5 Bridal Clutch Bags for Every Wedding Style and Theme of 2023


It’s crucial to choose the ideal bridal clutch purse to accessorize your wedding outfit. The ideal handbag can enhance your appearance and go well with your wedding’s theme and style. In 2023, Freya Rose London will have an excellent line of luxury bridal bags that are sourced responsibly in addition to being expertly manufactured. Let’s look at Freya Rose London’s top 5 bridal clutch bags for every wedding theme and style.

About Freya Rose

Crafting exquisite wedding shoes and accessories for brides and special events is the specialty of Freya Rose London, a premium bridal shoes and accessory firm. The company is renowned for its dedication to exquisite materials, well-crafted work, and classic designs. Key details on Freya Rose are as follows:

Wedding Shoes: Although Freya Rose London is well-known for its wedding shoes, it has a large selection of both traditional and modern styles. Delicate accents like lace, pearls, and elaborate beading are frequently seen on these shoes.

Ethical Sourcing: Material sourcing and ethical practices are priorities for Freya Rose. A key component of the brand’s identity is its dedication to ethical industrial practices and respect for workers’ rights.

Superior Detailing: Freya Rose London is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The shoes frequently include elaborate lacework, hand-embellished patterns, and plush materials.

Bridal Accessories: Freya Rose provides a range of bridal accessories, such as jewellery, designer bags, and shoes accessories, in addition to designer wedding shoes. These accessories are meant to finish off the bridal look and go well with the wedding gown.

Luxurious fabrics: To give their items an opulent and refined feel, Freya Rose regularly uses high-quality fabrics like suede, lace, satin, and mother of pearl.

Designs That Are Timeless: A lot of Freya Rose’s creations are timeless and possess a distinctive style. They frequently add traditional components with a modern spin.

Global Presence: Although the company is headquartered in the UK, brides all over the world can enjoy its opulent bridal selection thanks to its products’ availability abroad.

Fashion Industry Recognition: Freya Rose’s goods have been featured in a number of bridal magazines and media sites, and the company has gained recognition in the fashion and bridal industries.

Bespoke Services: Freya Rose occasionally provides bespoke services that let brides alter their bridal shoes and accessories to fit their particular wedding theme and personal taste.

Freya’s Top 5 Bridal Clutch Bags


Jaya Green

Carefully and lovingly created by artisan jewellers composed of the best, authentic mother-of-pearl shell responsibly sourced materials, fair labour rights, and conscientious production with its stunning iridescent green colour, which catches the light from all directions, our Jaya clutch creates an alluring colour play that is evocative of the goddess’ aura. Because the brilliant mother-of-pearl shell is expertly fashioned by hand, no two clutches are alike—everyone is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The roomy pearl clutch makes it easy to carry your phone, keys, lipstick, and more, whether you’re attending a black-tie affair, a huge gala, or a wedding.

The “Jaya” clutch has an adjustable chain strap that allows you to wear it over your shoulder for a more carefree style or as a stylish handbag. You have the freedom to choose, so you can shine with assurance at any event.

Hand-carved Paua Shell pieces with a luxurious black velvet lining Complimentary champagne-coloured chain. Length: 21.5cm Height: 12.5cm




Handcrafted by artisan jewellers with love and care

Made from the finest, genuine Mother of Pearl shell.

Responsible production, fair labour rights, and ethically sourced materials.

A harmonious blend of luminous mother-of-pearl and striking dark accents

Carefully and lovingly created by artisan jewellers composed of the best, authentic mother-of-pearl shell, responsibly sourced materials, fair labour rights, and conscientious production The “Persephone” Clutch, like the goddess it is named for, is a celebration of contrasts. This clutch, which was painstakingly crafted with attention to detail, combines brilliant mother of pearl with bold, black accents in a pleasing way. Mirroring Persephone’s charm, the mother of pearl’s iridescent surface produces a captivating appearance from the play of light and shadow.

The “Persephone” Mother of Pearl Clutch is the ideal accessory for any event, be it a romantic dinner, a black-tie affair, or an extravagant gala. You can easily store your essentials in its roomy yet compact interior, and you can wear it as a shoulder bag or carry it as a clutch, so you can go out and dance the night away without worrying about it. Its chain strap is detachable. Mother-of-pearl and paua shell pieces carved by hand, lined in plush black velvet



Crafted of the best, authentic mother-of-pearl shell, lovingly and carefully created by hand. We collaborate closely with each and every one of our gifted craftspeople. With responsibly sourced materials, fair labour rights, and conscientious production for the contemporary bride, the Freya Rose Aphrodite clutch is the ideal designer bridal purse. made with the finest mother of pearl and lavishly lined with velvety black material. For special events, this modern, sculpted bridal handbag makes a statement. Every single Freya Rose bag is meticulously hand-inlaid with a unique combination of shells, utilizing only the most exquisite materials. lavishly lined with black velvet and sculpted into modern silhouettes. Worn to enhance any outfit for a special occasion, you can hold it or wear yours with the thin champagne chain strap as a clutch. Hand-carved Mother of Pearl pieces with a luxurious black velvet lining

With a timeless yet modern style, the Athena Ivory Mother of Pearl Bag is an exquisite designer bridal bag. With its plush black velvet lining, it’s ideal for special events. It is inlaid with unique shells and has Mother of Pearl pieces that are hand-carved, much like other Freya Rose bags. Its slender champagne chain strap makes carrying it comfortable. Its measurements are 12.8 cm in height, 3.8 cm in breadth, and 19.7 cm in length.



A wonderfully magnificent piece, the Athena Ivory Mother of Pearl Bag by Freya Rose exhibits the ideal fusion of beauty and moral craftsmanship. With extreme attention to detail, this elegant bridal purse is painstakingly fashioned by hand using only the best, real Mother of Pearl shell. Freya Rose is proud of their tight collaborations with skilled craftspeople that uphold ethical standards for material sourcing, fair labour practices, and responsible production.

The bag itself is a timeless ivory piece that makes a statement. It has a modern silhouette that is both gorgeous and functional. Its interior is made more opulent by the opulent black velvet lining that contrasts with its authentic Mother of Pearl surface. The Athena clutch is more than simply a purse; it’s a representation of elegance and taste that’s ideal for special events and treasured memories.




Freya Rose’s Athena Pale Blue Mother of Pearl Bag is a magnificent creation that epitomizes style and artistry. Using the finest, real Mother of Pearl shell, this stylish bridal purse is painstakingly handmade with a great deal of love and attention to detail. With their skilled artisans, Freya Rose proudly maintains a close working relationship that guarantees a strong commitment to ethical production and high-quality craftsmanship.

The Freya Rose Athena Pale Blue jewelled clutch will provide a magical touch to your big day, reminiscent of something from a fairy tale. This authentic Mother of Pearl statement bag is crafted in an exquisite pale blue tone using the finest materials and the closest attention to detail. It is the ideal addition to any outfit for formal events, and for newlyweds, it may also be your treasured “something blue.”

In summary

Freya Rose London offers an amazing selection of luxurious designer clutch bags that prioritize expert craftsmanship and accountable sourcing while additionally embodying elegance. These alternatives are certain to match any wedding ensemble in 2023. Leading the bridal style business, Freya Rose is known for her terrific fabric and undying designs.

A huge variety of alternatives is to be had in their selection of the top five designer bridal bags to suit any wedding ceremony theme or fashion. These hand-made accessories are made to turn heads at any unique event. Choose from the charming Jaya Green snatch, with its iridescent green colour and high-quality mother-of-pearl shell craftsmanship, to the seductive Persephone seize, which expertly blends mother-of-pearl with formidable black accents. You can check more details on Freya Rose official website-

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