The Rise of Blooket: Tracing the Journey of a Popular EdTech Platform


Blooket, a rapidly emerging educational gaming platform, has gained immense popularity among both educators and students within a remarkably short duration. Founded in 2018 by former Google engineers Seth Robertson and John Clarence, Blooket set out to revolutionize learning by infusing gaming elements into educational concepts. This article delves into the timeline and key milestones that have shaped Blooket’s ascent in the educational technology realm.

Pre-Launch Origins:

Founded in 2018 by a small team, including former Google engineers Seth Robertson and John Clarence, aimed at creating a web-based learning platform intertwined with gaming elements to enhance student engagement.

Led by CEO Robertson, a former teacher, with a vision to make supplementary learning more entertaining and game-like.

Started building the initial product through seed funding but was yet to be fully established.

Beta Launch and Validation:

Conducted a private beta in 2019 to test its learning games approach, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers and students.

Initial feedback validated Blooket’s core proposition, showcasing the potential to improve engagement and educational outcomes through game-based learning.

Refined the product based on teacher input, signaling a strong resonance for game-based learning.

Public Release and Early Traction:

Publicly released in 2020 as a freemium web platform with games like Gold Quest, Crypto, and Racing.

Utilized digital marketing, word-of-mouth, and educator network partnerships to promote its offerings.

Garnered an early user base of over 1 million students and teachers within the first year, indicating an impactful entry into the educational space.

Pandemic Tailwinds:

COVID-19’s onset in 2020 posed challenges for many startups but provided tailwinds for Blooket.

Its digital, gamified learning approach perfectly suited remote classrooms, spiking usage as teachers sought to engage online tools for education.

Experienced exponential growth during the pandemic, aiding educators in adapting to new teaching norms.

Explosive Growth:

Post-2020 momentum propelled Blooket’s monthly active users from 500k to over 15 million within two years.

Viral social media trends among students bolstered its adoption, solidifying its presence in classrooms worldwide.

Blooket became a go-to platform for both unstructured reviews by students and integration into lesson plans by teachers.

New Features and Content:

Rapid expansion of its game library with diverse offerings like Tower Defense, Nightmare, and more.

Enhanced live streaming capabilities to support up to 10,000 players concurrently.

Introduced personalized learning templates, leaderboards, and avatars, leveraging gaming psychology to maintain user engagement.

Funding and Lessons Learned:

Secured over $20 million in venture funding by 2021, enabling continual product refinement.

Success factors included a clear value proposition, extensive beta testing, adaptability to remote learning demands, and responsiveness to user feedback and emerging use cases.

Next Evolution:

Presently achieving over 100 million monthly game plays, solidifying its position as an educational staple.

Continuing to expand its content library, optimize game modes, and prioritize safety, privacy, and accessibility.

Aiming to sustain growth while focusing on enhancing actual learning outcomes through research-backed strategies.


Blooket’s rapid ascent from a startup to a favored educational gaming platform underscores the significance of merging education with entertainment. Its journey exemplifies how timely responses to educational demands and the fusion of learning with interactive experiences can catapult an EdTech platform to mainstream adoption. Blooket stands as a testament to the promising landscape of educational technology, positioned to further evolve in engaging classrooms worldwide.

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