Home Security Tips: Prevent Burglars From Ruining Your Holidays

There are many solutions available to you, whether your goal is to deter porch pirates or to bolster the security of your home or flat while you’re away from home. 

You can take various preventative steps to safeguard your property, from more affordable, do-it-yourself home security solutions to sophisticated home security systems and equipment.

We’ve put up a simple guide with doable, quick, and inexpensive actions you can do to safeguard your house, stop break-ins, and discourage burglars to help you with your home security checklist. 

Upgrade Your Door Locks

If your locks are of poor quality, locking your windows and doors might not be sufficient. Firstly, to make it harder for burglars to enter, make sure that your custom wrought iron gates has a deadbolt. 

When you’re about it, check to see if the door frames and hinges are sturdy enough to withstand an attempted break-in; outdated doors or exposed hinges can put you at needless risk. The last option is to switch to remotely operated smart locks.

Install a Privacy Fence

If you have a garden or a lot of plants to look after, a privacy fence might help protect them from wind damage. It will also reduce the number of drafts around the house, lowering heating and cooling expenditures.

 If you install a privacy fencing out of high-quality, low-maintenance materials, it will increase the market value of your home. There are several materials to pick from. You could choose a traditional wood fence, but it may not last as long as some of the heavy-duty plastics. 

Make It Look Like Someone Is At Home

Most robbers avoid entering your home when you are around. They’d rather find an empty home and get in and out as quickly as possible. As a result, one of the most effective ways to deter burglars is to make it appear that someone is home at all times.

During the workday, this could entail leaving an inside light on or turning on the television. When you’re gone for an extended period, such as a vacation, have a neighbor or family member collect your mail, as mail stacking up can indicate that the homeowner is gone for a long time.

Consider Buying A Safe

In a perfect world, intruders would never enter your home, so you’d never have to worry about your things being taken. Unfortunately, even the best-made intentions sometimes go awry. If an intruder does gain access to your home, you want to ensure that they steal as little as possible.

First, consider purchasing a safe or lockbox to store cash, jewelry, vital documents, and other stuff you don’t want a thief to take. When not in use, keep larger objects, such as electronics, in a hidden location to make them more difficult to take. 

Be Creative About Your Hide-A-Key

If you keep a house key under your doormat or in a flowerpot on the porch, reconsider its placement. Intruders are aware of the popular hiding places for spare keys and will seek them first. Instead, consider handing the spare key to a trustworthy neighbor or acquaintance. 

If you must keep a spare key outside your home, consider a disguised combination lockbox or an inconspicuous and unexpected position away from your doorstep. Taking extra precautions and being alert can help keep your house safe


Nobody wants to be a victim of home invasion. Implementing the ideas on this checklist will assist in dissuading and preventing burglars, as well as keeping your family and property secure. 

You can begin by selecting only a few items from this list to focus on. Once you’ve got those down, you may continue to the rest of the checklist. Each minor modification you make will make your house and loved ones safer.

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